Our Services

AHF Pharmacy services are provided to customers and patients directly, with AHF Pharmacy staff personnel. We do not “outsource” services.


Medication Services

  • 24/7 Online Prescription Refills

  • Prescription Ordering Program

  • Medication Adherence Program

  • Integrated Medication Management
  • Customized Adherence Packaging
  • Customized & Confidential Delivery
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Patient Resources

  • Downloadable Mobile App
  • Financial Assistance
  • Consultations Available 24/7
  • Treatment & Health Information
  • Medication Disposal Guidelines
  • Handling and Storage Guidelines

The AHF Difference

  • 96 Cent Program
  • Patient Advocacy Program
  • Patient Safety Policies
  • Patient Bill of Rights
  • ACHC & URAC Accredidation
  • AAHIVM Certified Pharmacists

Filling Prescriptions & Ordering Medications

How To Fill A New Prescription

  • Many times your prescriber will call, fax or electronically send prescriptions to AHF Pharmacy for you.
  • You may call AHF Pharmacy and ask us to call the prescriber for you.
  • You may hand carry a prescription to AHF Pharmacy.

Ordering Refills

  • Typically, an AHF Pharmacy team member will call you each month regarding ordering your monthly maintenance medications.
  • You may order online via our Quick Refill page.
  • You may call AHF Pharmacy directly or carry in a prescription.

For Medications Not Available at AHF Pharmacy:

  • In some cases, you may have a medication ordered that must be filled at a specific pharmacy. In this case AHF Pharmacy will transfer the prescription to the pharmacy indicated by your insurance plan.
  • AHF Pharmacy will attempt to obtain medications for you at all times, if for one reason or another we cannot supply in a timely fashion, we will transfer the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

In Case of Delays in Obtaining Medications:

  • In some cases, the pharmacy may not have the entire amount of a medication ordered by the prescription, or the pharmacy may be completely out of stock, or the pharmacy may not typically carry the medication in stock.
  • AHF Pharmacy shall notify you of the circumstances and offer the following solutions:
  • Partially fill the prescription and deliver the balance to you in a stated time frame.
  • Reorder the medication and deliver the medication to you in a stated time frame.
  • Order the medication and deliver the medication to you in a stated time frame.
  • Or resolve the issue to your satisfaction based on your wishes.